Summer Roadtrip Series:
Southern Atlantic

golden orange sunset silhouettes against a massive fallen oak on the beach

Photograph by Bob Jagendorf


There’s nothing like a plate of fried pickles served with a Southern drawl.

An old woman smiles as she hands you your plate of okra and cole slaw, or a young lady pushes your morning coffee across the counter. The South conjures a myriad of ideas, some more than others depending on where you’re from and how much time you’ve spent here. Where some see long dead the scars of slavery and the Confederacy, others notice a diversity found in few other places, certainly none so rural as this fat belly of the United States. Some come for not too hot beaches and the perfect-for-swimming Atlantic, others for the culture-laden squares of Savannah or the high class nightlife of Charleston. Swamps fill the cracks between where forests thick and dripping with Spanish moss circle small towns packed with a charm almost Old World.

Welcome to the Southeast Coast.

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