The Right Steps to Ship an RV

an RV


When you have hit the open road in an RV, the last thing you want to think about is having to schedule the RV for transport to a new city or state. After all, RV’s are made for travel and when you own one, you want to spend as much time as possible cruising along and seeing the sights. Sometimes however, time may not be on your side and while you would love to drive thousands of miles, having the RV shipped makes more sense.

Finding an RV Transport Company

Finding a company to transport your RV should not be a difficult task. You need to take a little time to research companies online to find a company that offers the right services as well as pricing. Companies that can transport RV’s will have a DOT and MC number. This can easily be verified by contacting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) where you can find safety reports and other information about companies.

An RV transport company will offer insurance coverage that will help ensure your RV is protected during transport. Generally, shipment of an RV can take anywhere from a few days for locations that are within 200 miles and up to several weeks for coast to coast transport.
When you contact a transport company to have the RV shipped, you need to provide to them as many details about the RV as possible. They will need the make, model and dates you need for pickup and delivery. If your RV has been modified, they will need to know this as well as modifications can occasionally determine which transport carrier will need to be scheduled for transport.

RV Transport Rates

Rates for the shipment of an RV will fluctuate depending on the average fuel cost as well as time of year for transport, size of the RV and the overall condition it is in.

How RV’s are Transported

There are several ways that an RV can be transported. You can hire a drive away service to drive the RV for you, but when you do this, you risk accidents along the interstate as well as unnecessary wear and tear.

Towing – Specialized trucks will be used to haul the RV.

Flatbed – With this method, the RV will be driven onto a flatbed trailer, secured and hauled to the destination. Often, you may find that more than one RV will be loaded onto the flatbed for delivery at the same time.

Getting Your RV ready for Shipment

Before your RV can be shipped, you need to make sure it is ready for the truck to haul it. Here are some steps to take to have your RV ready:

  1. Make sure everything loose has been secured inside the RV. This applies to drawers, cabinets, electronics, appliances and more.
  2. Remove or secure items on the walls.
  3. Secure the outside to ensure doors and windows won’t fly open and to make sure awnings won’t be torn.
  4. Check to make sure all lighting outside works. This applies to turn signals, brake lights and emergency flashers.
  5. Check the tire pressure.
  6. Disconnect any gas or electrical supplies such as air conditioning, refrigerators and appliances.
  7. Remove any flammable material.
  8. Inspect the battery and make sure it has a full charge.
  9. Have a spare set of keys made so you can give one set to the transport driver.

In most cases, the driver will contact you within 24 hours of picking your RV up or delivering it to the new location. When the RV is picked up the driver will complete an inspection to check for signs of damage. Another inspection will be performed when the RV is delivered. It is important that you be physically present during the inspection to take notes and to verify the condition of the RV. If you are not able to be present for the inspection, be sure to have another responsible adult present. When the RV is delivered, take your time to inspect all areas of the RV to ensure it is in the same condition as when it was picked up.