Introducing Wand’rly Field Badges!


Aside from interviews with fellow travelers, articles on the places we love the most and showing you how to get on the road full-time, we try and provide as much incentive for the good times as we can to our paid subscribers.

In that vein, we’ve built a fun little system called “Field Badges”. Subscribers can earn all types of badges, in a variety of ways. Just reading articles is one way, and specific articles can get you certain badges. You can also login to your account and fill out a few questionnaires to earn badges. Note that this is all just for fun, we’re not trying to glean any personal info from you and the badges are all digital. Maybe someday we’ll make actual cloth ones you can post all up on your dashboard or whatever.

Want to check out the badges? There’s an example below, but if you want to get in on the fun, you’ll need a paid subscription. $5 / month to keep the magazine alive, and every penny goes to paying our writers and photographers.

We’ll keep the sales pitch short, but we do want to let you know that we don’t personally make a dime from Wand’rly subscriptions, every cent goes to writers and photographers who aren’t part of the family who created this magazine, and it will always be that way!

Happy trails!

Example Badges

How to Make a Living on the Road Badge! Airstreaming Badge! Twitter Badge!