Saludos from Puertocitos, Baja California!

a young boy wears a shirt that reads Born on the Road


Mexico 5 south from San Felipe proved bumpy, and full of belly tickling washes, if paved.

We arrived to find yet another paradise full of straw capped palapas and gulf front campsites. A dip in some seaside hot springs where the frigid ocean water mingling with the steaming heat coming from beneath the earth made for a perfect 20 minutes of soaking. A bundle of sticks for 70 pesos and a relatively calm night later and we were all in bed ready for an early start come sunrise.

Still, we waited for some lingering friends until nearly noon. They never showed up, so we filled the tank with fuel from a brand new Pemex (Mexico’s government run and only gas station chain), and set out on a dirt road, following the MaliMish clan yet further south, our sights set on Gonzaga Bay…

two boys playing with Legos on the beach.
Wylder and Luka are, slowly, learning to share. Unfortunately, they also seem to be picking up one another’s bad habits as well. Such is life for youngsters on the road, I suppose.
a lovely young mother reads a book to her children in a Volkswagen Bus, 1978 Champagne edition
It is a small life, perhaps as small as they come for a family of five, but there are still books to be read, children to have love for their mama.
my sons wearing t-shirts and shorts in the middle of winter, down in Mexico
Winter and Wylder hanging out on the “back porch” of our 1978 Volkswagen Bus.
a campervan and a truck camper silhouetted against the Gulf of California in Puertocitos, Baja California.
These two creatures, Mali Mish’s Four Wheel Camper and our Volkswagen Bus, will learn to live side by side for nights and weeks, possibly months, on end.
two young boys standing near the sea of cortez
Winter and Luka contemplate the deepest of meanings held beneath the sea’s surface.