Terms & Conditions

We don’t like to muck about with complicated “Terms & Conditions”. That said, it’s a legal world. So our terms and conditions are simple.

We are the master of disaster. Whatever we say goes. By making a purchase, you legally agree to be bound by the idea that no one at Wand’rly can be sued in any way, in any manner whatsoever. Complete indemnification. At least we didn’t bury it in some 30,000 word little box.

That said, we’ll gladly give a full refund for your first subscription payment, or the most recent month’s paid subscription, to anyone who isn’t satisfied in any way, just let us know within 29 days of the last subscription payment. Or within 300 days of your last annual payment, should you be one of the good folks who’ve been with us from the beginning. Please try and be nice when asking for refunds, too, I mean, we’ll still give it to you anyway, but we have feelings and stuff ’cause we’re humans.

And here’s our overall privacy policy.