8.4 MPG, Highway


Today we struck out from Memphis and began the long journey to Austin, TX. Like rushing fools, we drove all day and wee into the night, crossing state lines, Bill Clinton’s birthplace, and even enjoying a most authentic Mexican slab of corn flower, retried beans and “seriously, is that chicken or…?” salsa melted cheddar.

Our journey was exactly 420 miles, from our Memphian home to a Walmart parking lot in Greenville, TX. A 55 gallon tank of gas was filled and emptied along the way. So, if the math were done and you were the one to do it, 8.4 is roughly the number you’ve got in your head about now.

The good news for the planet though, is that Austin has about four RV parks right in town, and we’ll be stayed put for the next good while.