A Great Place to Raise a Family


“Lyons is a great place to raise a family,” she said. We’d seen her frequently enough around town–at the coffee shop discussing how she had no clue how to use her iPod Touch, at the karaoke sushi bar flipping through the song book but, dissapointed in the lack of Dylan, not actually performing–to have me begin feeling like we were in the type of town you can become a local in before your first week’s worth of rent runs out. I can’t attest to the merits of Lyons’ suitability for actually raising a child, having only spent a week here thusfar, but if you were a young person with child and you liked any of the following combos, you’d do very well to stroll through the place: having a beer while you and yours play old school arcade video games, having a beer while you and yours play older school pinball games, a place adults and children can be found singing karaoke and eating sushi, living in a super small Main Street kind of town only 15 minutes from Boulder and at the very exact base of the Rockies.