A Truly Endless Summer


I so very much disliked being a freelancer working from home days, when it was even too cold to sit outside of your house so you end up trying out different positions on the same three pieces of furniture, living at a fixed address and knowing that the cold was going to define my life for the next six months or so. Add to that a newborn and barely two year old at the time, our paradise in the wide open grand Smokies quickly began to seem like a wintery prison, Where even a trip to the local bar meant back-of-your-mind pondering if two babies on one sitter would mean sure anarchy. Hell, just an errand to the grocery store was a journey warranting multiple on and off battles with youths in carseats.

Living the roadlife, though, is a separate task all together. Chase the summer if you’d like. Experience perfect weather in middle of nowhere paradise even as the Weather Channel screams blizzard up north.

No doubt, I’ve had beautiful times in my life during six foot snow storms, but like a few too many hours spent with gambling friends in a casino, it’s easy to see how it gets old fast.

Here’s to the end of traditional summer, and as of September 1st, to the endless perfection of calling wherever you might please “home”.