The Best of Wand'rly Magazine Issues 001 - 009

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With April 20th, 2013 upon us, Series 00 has come to an end.

All that means is that the first round of issues is complete, and we’ll be moving onto our next series. We’re looking forward. We’re going West, young man.

Since the inception of Wand’rly Magazine over a year ago, even before the first issue came out, we’ve had our own Manifest Destiny in mind. Our mission here is simple: inspire travel, not just vacationing, but fulfilling the dream of lifelong wandering that is so inherent in humanity. From the Israelites seeking their promise land to Columbus in search of treasures to the theme of just about every song by the Allman Brothers, a portion of us have been seeking the unknown since as long as time has been recorded. Humans are nomadic at heart. As a society, we’ve simply learned to crush that spirit and box ourselves up by ZIP code over time. We celebrate those who embrace movement, and hope to show any single individual, couple or family to find the courage and means to do the same.

Before we look too far forward though, let’s quickly review what Wand’rly has been for it’s first year. By far, our most popular article was when we showed you how you and many others can and are making a living on the road.

We told the story of a handful of minimalists living with less possessions and therefore more freedom.

The concept that full-time traveling is expensive was belied when we compared doing so to living in a normal house. We spoke with lifelong travelers who’ve roadschooled their children from kindergarten through high school graduation, explained the system that drives the U.S. Highway system, and toured you around the world with street musicians. We even gave you a quick glimpse into our previous life digging into the deserts and mountains of this great American nation all while calling a Volkswagen Bus our only home.

But slide, slide and that’s the past, we’re also looking forward to our second year producing Wand’rly Magazine. Our Kickstarter project was a skin of the teeth success which gave us the ability to hire a host of new writers and freelance photographers. Building on that and looking northward and into the sunset, we plan to cover some pretty cool places this year as well. As this full-time traveling lifestyle tends toward, we have made very few concrete plans and will allow what schedule we do have to waver as the moment necessitates.

That said, we’re looking forward to exploring South Dakota’s Badlands with you. We plan to get lost in Montana and Wyoming, perhaps even venture across the border into Canada’s Rocky Mountains. British Columbia and the Olympic Peninsula sound like beautiful places to spend the waning Autumn. Utah’s parks and Southern California are of the few remaining places we’ve yet to explore, as well.

Via our crew of fellow traveling writers we may visit other lands as well. One promises to convince me that Los Angeles is worth a try, while others speak of the Midwest’s Michigan and Indiana. New England is always an option. Dipping into Mexico is in no way off the table.

Those are our plans for the next year of Wand’rly, and whether the yellow lines we have highlighting in our atlas hold true or not, you can certainly expect more of the in-depth, insightful articles we’ve been putting out all over the past twelve months.

Happy 4/20,