The Abbreviated Story of Lewis & Clark

a midwestern sky above the plains


Lewis and Clark. Who were they?

I suppose one of your high school teachers, or your parents, should have told you that. All I can say is who, or perhaps what, they were to me.

They began their journey in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as in many ways did I. Instead of conquering these Americas, as most of our 50 states history was written, they figured out how to adapt while exploring. And when they got to the Pacific, after all of their months and months of journeying, did they big up that grand coast?

No, they labeled it Cape Dissapointment. Understandably. Modern day Washington in November can be drab, to say the least.

Either way, they are exactly what I think this magazine represents. Exploration. Leaving your inhibitions, and more so realizing your fears. Tackling the impossible gracefully until it becomes your mainstay, perhaps even your own American legacy.