DIY Travel Binder
for Kids on the Road

an example of the printables detailed in the article


Each trip is a new chance to make fun memories with your family. Whether you’re traveling by RV or taking a flight to your destination, it can be a challenge to keep kids occupied on the move. As the excitement builds for the trip, your kids may even me more anxious to get there.

You’ve packed the snacks, iPad, movies, and games but when all else fails to entertain, try some quiet-time activities. You can create a travel binder for each of your children and customize it with activities and printables that will keep them busy. Keep these binders in their travel bag or the backseat so that they can pick up right where they left off.

From coloring to puzzles and even games the whole family can enjoy, a travel binder can hold some fun activities to keep your kids happy while on the move. To help you get one started, check out these travel binder printables from The Zebra for kids of all ages.

The classic license plate game and iSpy scavenger hunt make the list with new additions like a car puzzle for preschoolers and travel journal prompts for older learners. They even created some car coupons that your children can trade in for snacks or prizes to keep things new and exciting. Kids can capture the memory of each trip by keeping track of them in their journals, coloring each state that they’ve visited.

Whether it’s getting lost or eating some special treats on the road, there’s always a unique memory to be made! When your kids reach a certain age, those traveling memories will last much longer than the length of the trip.

You can download download them all here or click on the images below to get them individually.

a printable car puzzle

a printable scavenger hunt for roadtrips