As the Calendar Turns


Seagulls squawk hovering over this cliff side street casting remnant Christmas light shadows down onto the Columbia River. Sea lions are barking off in the distance and the hour is nearly at hand, the Pacific Coast New Year is moments away.

Suddenly the trumpet of freight ships bugles against the side of this hill and into the holes of my ears. A few small fireworks chirp off to the block just west, partygoers whizbang from their front porch. The ships’ horns blow on, intermittently from boat to boat. The minutes tick on, and then the fireworks and freight ships and neighbors retreat. A few muffled hell yeah drunken echoes persist.

It’s 2014 in Astoria, Oregon, and around the world the future, at least for the moment, seems “anything is possible”.

This blog post is also the intro to our “Best of 2013” issue. Sorry if that’s lame. Exclamation points!!