Beetles, Buses, and You Better Wave!


I’ve been thinking a lot about vintage VW owners today, particularly after having been stood up on a drive n’ wave by a Vanagon owner (the audacity!)

Vintage beetle people are not always Bus people. But Bus people are always Bus people.

That’s to say, Beetle owners are sometimes motorheads who love an old, supercharged means of transportation. Sometimes they’re old hippies, but the nature of a Beetle makes it a very solo experience. Sure, you can pack a guest in there nice and tightly, but unlike a Bus, you won’t be filling it with every friend, family and random wayfarer you can find.

I always wave to Beetle folk coming down the street. They do not always wave back. It’s a fifty/fifty thing in my experience.

But with a Bus, you just want to live in it. You can’t always look at a guy in a Beetle and think “damn, hippy!”, but even rolling out in a polo shirt and khakis, you know a Bus driver is a freedom loving, pot toking, Obama voting liberal at first glance.

Of course, let the record show that neither I nor anyone I’ve ever known has hopped out of their Bus in a polo shirt.