Campsite Bingo!

two campsite bingo boards partially completed hanging from a wall of an RV


While reading through one of many fulltime RVer blogs I keep up with, I was clued in to what I thought was a great idea for playing a little game on the road, particularly if you have a handful of kids traveling with you. It’s called Campsite Bingo and, to my knowledge, it was invented by the Zavocki’s. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. a bingo boardDraw a 5×5 grid such as shown here, make one for each player.
  2. When you get an RV spot at a campground, they almost always have a number associated with that particular spot. If a player has that number on their board, they can cross it off.
  3. First player to get five in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, wins!

Whatever the prize is for winning is completely up to you. The Zavocki’s give the winner a “Daddy-Daughter” date, but of course there’s no official Campsite Bingo World Officiators, so you maybe the winner gets out of doing chores for a week, gets to pick what’s for dinner, or maybe even where the family heads to next. It’s a long term game (it took them eight months to get a winner!) but it doesn’t take long and is a way to add a little consistency from place to place. When someone wins, the other players can keep their existing boards, making it more likely that everyone will get a shot at the gold some day.

Long gone are the days of smoky old fire halls full of grandmas trying to win a nickel or two, here’s to making bingo a game for youths again! Oh and don’t forget to check out the Zavocki’s site, if they can come up with Campsite Bingo, who knows what great ideas they’ll roll out with next!