Captain’s Log


This maiden voyage of ours in this here 1976 version of an Airstream Sovereign of the Road towed by a ’95 Chevy conversion van has not been without its share of minor hardships.

Adjusting to keeling our sails and fighting the interstate rigs will no doubt be a voyage we’re on for a few months. How to best conjure hot water to transform dirty into clean dishes, the smoothest way to transition the van from our daily driver into our nightly sleeper, and at what point we decide to make Winter walk the plank for his toddler crimes will no doubt be solved in the short term. How we can all become better adult people while enjoying nights spent in togetherness, fireside and alcohol is another matter.

For tonight though I can at least say I’ve discovered how to roll out the 30 some year old awning, and I’m proud to boast that not a night has gone by without a well made fire. It’s the little things that not only count, but which we’re specifically aiming for.

Here’s to small failures on the road to big success.