Chasing Other People’s Dreams


Sometimes I feel ingenuine.

I want nothing but freedom. True and absolute. I seek after spontaneity like a burned up moth the morning after a fire. Been there, doing that. Desperate for more.

I’m not even sure if I have an idea as to what I’m after. At this point it’s just perpetual motion. See something tomorrow. See something else the next day. I don’t want to ’round the world in 80 days, but I certainly hope I’ve done so well in 80 years.

Every fiddler on the corner, every alley cafe and secret kayak river. Every tourist stroll and massive weeklong hike. I want them all and/or at least as many as I can find in a lifetime. National parks and dive bars alike, I need to be inside of you.

I’m okay without everything that can be done. I just want to do everything I can do in the time I’ve been allotted.