Choosing the RV


It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the prospect of living in a different city every month or meeting new people every couple of days, exciting enough to allow the actual purchasing of an RV to slip to the back-burners, but eventually, if you want to live in an RV, you’re going to have to purchase one.

This will largely be the focus of our little website over the next couple of months as we go through the process from planning to purchase.

So What Do We Want?

Of course we’d spent time discussing what it was each of us wanted out of an RV over the past few months, but we hadn’t actually formalized anything, so I proposed that we both come up with a list of the features we feel would be most important to the two of us. Hence the following:

The Initial List

The Longer List

As you can see, my initial list was quite a bit shorter — I was picturing it more as a “must-have’s” — but after reading through the longer list it started to make sense that we should come up with a master list of everything that we’d need, in order to make certain we were realistically looking at enough space to keep us alive and in business for an entire year. We’ve lived in a small apartment before and it had its fair share of problems with small spaces. I’m personally hoping that, with all of America as our backyard, the RV won’t seem quite as small.

This was also a big point of contention: having all of the room we need vs. driving around a small town on wheels. Hopefully we can find something that meets both needs.