Dirty Fingernails


I thoroughly thrive on being a little bit dirty.

Wearing the same pair of jeans for a month straight. Twice weekly showers when away from civilization. Engine oil underneath my fingertips and fire stains on my forearms. These are the things that lead me to want to live on the road. To be in perpetual travel is an escape from the digital and easy comforts of this modern day world. It’s cooking over a campfire and showering in cement stalls. It’s changing a tire along a twisting back road and asking at a gas station how the hell we ended up in this particular middle of nowhere anyway. It’s discovering the unknown after a long day of plans falling through, and realizing you’re okay with that.

It’s adventure like a vacation can just never know. It’s a way of life I don’t feel living without, and an addiction I’d be proud to die from.