Families on the Road

My son Tristan, long haired and hanging out the window of our 1978 VW Bus


When I was but a wee young budding parent, the joy that my little man Tristan brought into my days was rivaled only by the reality slowly seeping into my brain that my days of traveling had ended before they’d even really begun. I went on that way for a few years before one day, well, after a long process of many days and weeks and years, actually, I realized that having kids isn’t a reason to not do anything, but all the more reason to take them along for the adventure, give them a chance to see things many people never do in an entire lifetime.

Families on the Road is all about parents and their children living full time. No place to call home except where your home may roam. Check them out, and if you’re a family traveling or thinking about traveling, be sure to join them!