Free Book Giveaway: Field Guide to Identifying Trees, Western Region

a joshua tree in the desert


To celebrate our first new issue in a few months, we’re giving away something free.

California Trees is Issue #201 from Wand’rly, and it’s all about the biggest, tallest and oldest trees in the Golden State. Find the trees, find the most beautiful places in California.

We’re also giving away a copy of the Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Trees, Western Region ($28 if you buy it yourself).

To enter, just share the issue on your favorite social network with the hashtag #wandrlytrees.

Don’t share this page, make sure to share the issue itself. And don’t forget the hashtag, otherwise we won’t know you shared it!

The contest runs through next Friday, June 27th, 2014.

Photo by Don Graham.

About the Book

the cover of the book, and two internal pages showing the photos and descriptions of trees
Weighing in at under a pound, this book can fit in your back pocket.

The book describes some 300 different trees, mostly ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, Canada to the US/Mexico border. 640 pages and over 900 full color photos, the book allows you to identify trees by their bark, leaves or needles, cones, fruit and flowers. In addition, written descriptions of the trees–including height, range, description and interesting tidbits–will help you know for certain what tree it is you’re looking at.

We use it every day, it’s a great resource!