Frigid in Florida


There are times when I complain about the weather. Primarily, cold nights.

I don’t mind a torrential downpour and I’m fine with keeping bundled and moving enough during the day to last a brisk afternoon. It’s when night comes in, and early as it does during the winter months, that I can’t stand the cold.

Living in a small space with five other people and a big brown dog only really tests me at these times, because as much as I love to build and sit around fires, some nights you just want to be warm, outside and doing something else. Maybe that means an evening with Wikipedia free from the tending of wet East Coast wood or perhaps a sit around the old laptop while I try and build the next best thing for this here magazine. Sometimes I stay up until 2:30am, unable to sleep. Other nights I find myself awake and wide eyed at 5am, desperate for getting out of bed.

I utterly enjoy this pseudo-insomniac lifestyle, but if it’s bitter chill and your every move in the Airstream or our “master suite” van means someone might stir–another’s sleep disrupted–well by all means give me the closest picnic table and I’ll wile away the darkest hours.

Except when frigidity comes in. Then you find yourself a lonely, cold man with no desire to read, write or code anything. Here’s to warm nights, wherever they may be found.

God knows he didn’t bless this part of Florida with them…