Funding Your Full-time Traveling Life

young girls working a lemonade stand


Photo by Patrick Adwriter

This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of hitting the road, yet we’re living in a time that perhaps has made it easier than ever to accomplish.

Web designers, software developers and travel writers alike make their living from the comfort of wherever they might feel like calling home, but not every person on the road is a high tech freelancer type. Etsy stores and craftsmen, traveling nurses and construction workers, there are dozens of ways to make money while you travel. Thank you, the Internet.

Even if you can’t make cash doing one of the many tried and true travel-compliant jobs, there are other opportunities out there for you. National Parks and similar seasonally-attractive areas are constantly in need of temporary staff to come in, provide a service for some time, and get paid just in time to head to the next destination. Travelers are natural seasonal workers, migration is right up their alley.

We’ve put together the resources for you, all you need do is decide which best suits your skill set and put a plan in action to make that happen for you.