Ghost of Happiness Present


We meet, or I read blog posts from, a lot of people doing the traveling thing who have had a hard time with friends and family for it all.

Apparently, much of the world doesn’t approve of ditching a steady job, loading up in an RV, and smiling a lot.

Sucks for them.

We’ve been lucky in this regard. Maybe it’s because I’ve been making my intentions to do whatever I’d like clear for a good long while, or perhaps because I’ve made so many mistakes I’m practically a pro at it and everyone figures they should just let me learn for myself.

Either way, to those of you who have or are or will experience this, my advice is simple. You can choose your friends, hell you can even choose your family, really. Naysayers are just more fuel for your desire to find happiness, because most negativity is actually just others projecting their own fears (and therefor desires) on you.

And to my own friends and family, I’d like to say thanks for all of your support, past, present and yet to come.