Goodbye, Millenicom


By now it’s old news, but Millenicom is done.

I was updating our article on What to Expect from the Internet while Traveling to reflect, and chuckled at the crystal ball I must have been using to originally write it:

…I distinctly got the feeling [Millenicom’s support tech] was annoyed because I called him on a Saturday evening. Like, he was out with friends and had to cut things short to “deal with” my phone call. I don’t positively know that to be the truth, that was simply my impression. Other reports about getting into and out of unlimited data deals with Sprint that I’ve read, from the company itself, seem to imply that there’s some amount of amateur happening inside of the company’s walls, and so this good thing may not last forever.

Indeed, that really seems to have been the case. Some customers received an email basically saying, “So long, and thanks for the fishes!” We were left in limbo for a few weeks while Verizon informed its reps that we’d be calling.

Verizon offered a 20GB plan for $99.99 + taxes, but we personally just ended up going for a 30GB/$150 plan. With Millenicom, they would just shut our service off if we went over our data limit. Verizon will charge us $10 / GB extra and we usually use closer to 25GB via our MiFi.