Introductions of the Moderately Formal Variety


Howdy there readers. You’re perusing the blog aspect of Wand’rly Magazine. As perhaps you know already, Wand’rly is a magazine for full time traveler types. Snowbird retirees? We’ve got RV park reviews for you. Trainhopping hitchhiker types? We’ll clue you in on the best spots for couchsurfing. Tim Ferriss disciples? We’ll clue you in on everything from lavish hotels to how to make an extra buck or two on the road.

But we’re not just here to help you find a place to sleep. As full time travelers ourselves, we know that deciding where to go next can be the biggest choice you ever have to make. We aim to show you the ropes on the coolest places to call home for a week or two. Where to get the best Blood Mary on a Sunday morning, how to get your boots dirty on a good hike, or how you can give back to the places that give us so much enjoyment.

We know that exploring a new place is pretty much the whole point, and we’re not here to be a spoiler for your next destination. We just want to help you figure out where to get started.

Wand’rly Magazine is completely free to read, though we are looking to keep the project sustainable, so we’ve got $5 / month memberships which give you access to hundreds of dollars in discounts, and for you business owning types, we also have the world’s best advertising deals.

As for who we are, well I personally am Nathan, traveler, devoted spouse and loving father. I write most of the articles here, and people tell me I do a good job at it. My lovely lady is Renee, a photographer, my babies’ mama, and the singularly shiniest apple of my eye. We’ve got two kids, Tristan and Winter, and a third on the way. They’ve traveled more in their collective 11 years than most people do in a lifetime. And of course, Granny Nanny, our live in nanny and the kids’ grandma. She’s the heart of the operation really, keeping these kids in check so we have enough free hands to keep bringing you new issues.

Check out our first issue on Asheville, North Carolina. We promise you won’t be disappointed!