Hey, it’s Sunshine!

yurts nestled among tall georgia pines as the sun cracks through the forest


Our Chasing Autumn issue and campaign was a pretty wonderful success.

We were immersed in old steel towns and historic districts in Pennsylvania, got lost in West Virginia’s New River Gorge, and found a new love for Georgia’s northern mountains. To everyone who played along on Facebook and Instagram, thank you! We’ve loved hearing your thoughts on these places, the season, and seeing your pictures as well.

Though for the most part the season is over, there’s still plenty of great stuff to take away from the issue, and it’ll be available forever here.

As of today, we just want to say “Hello!” to the sun. While following the leaves was beautiful, it also meant we were living in places that had some pretty chilly temperatures, particularly at night when we’d have to disconnect our water from about 7pm through sunrise to make sure we didn’t freeze up. We’re now on the Georgia / Florida border and while the rest of the country goes polar vortex, we’ll be hanging closer to the equator for the rest of Winter.

Up next is the Sunshine State for the holidays, then off to Texas, Arizona, California…wherever the sun shines, we’ll be basking in it. Time to tan up my bald head, tuck away the beanies and hoodies, and figure out where I put my flip flops…