How to Find the Right Home on Wheels


Looking to hit the road, but not sure what the right home on wheels would be for you? We’ve put together a nifty little list of websites that are more than happy to help you figure out how to make your full time traveling aspirations a reality.

the inside of a converted Ford van This website offers a plethora of information, including costs and timeline, for creating your building your own campervan conversion. Definitely a less expensive way to go, if you’re handy with electrical wiring, cabinetry work, etc., and the finished product can be made to specifically meet your exact needs.

Air Forums

an Airstream travel trailer, shiny, silver, and vintage An online community for Airstream enthusiasts, there are plenty of members who are more than willing to help newcomers to the Airstream world with any questions, concerns, etc. and the website also features an online classifieds section for getting your own!

Love My Bus

a turquoise and white vintage VW Bus All about Volkswagen Buses of any generation, featuring a forum and plenty of other information to help you figure out if a VW Bus is right for your home on the road.

Von Slatt

a green and white school bus conversion A sort of diary of the conversion of a school bus into an RV. Even if you have no plans to do a massive conversion like this yourself, this is a fun site to check out.


a hot pink and orange desert sunset Follow along with Rene and Jim as they live and work their dream lifestyle from their 5th wheel. They supply not only a plethora of information on making money from the road and the various aspects of living in an RV, but have also successfully set up a home base in Colorado, and did all of it debt free.


cartoon illustration of a class A RV A website full of resources and a forum for and by young RVers (ie, non-retirement age types). Plenty of friendly avatars willing to give out advice.

If you’re a solo traveler, you may also want to look into Van Dwelling and Couch Surfing, two incredibly affordable, very alternative lifestyles for wanderliving.