Wand’rly Needs Your Help to Keep the Issues Coming!


I’ll keep this short, but I’ll use big bold letters to try and emphasize the urgency of the point: Wand’rly needs your support to keep going!.

We’re in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign and with 19 days to go we’ve still got a long way toward reaching our goal.

Please, if you enjoy what we’re doing here, back the project at $5, $25, $75, whatever you can do. Your support doesn’t go unrewarded, by backing the project, you get:

  1. A free one year membership at $5 or more, and a lifetime membership by backing the project at just $25 or more!
  2. Membership with Wand’rly gives you access to free mp3s from local bands at every place we write about.
  3. You also get access to some exclusive discounts in those locations.
  4. Plus we provide a free blogging platform for travelers, and you’ll get early access to our two latest endeavors: an RSS reader/calendar/Twitter client + our upcoming social network where those looking to get on the road full-time can ask questions, arrange caravans, sleeping arrangements and generally just hang ten with their fellow wanderers!
  5. There are also a ton of other cool rewards over there, like a minimalist wallet, a Wand’rly t-shirt and even huge discounts on web designs. Go check it out!

But most importantly, by backing the project, you ensure that Wand’rly will keep the monthly issues flowing. Since we launched in April, we’ve now done five issues, everywhere from Asheville, North Carolina to the Oregon Coast, Bisbee, Arizona to Ithaca New York and our most recent Pittsburgh, PA edition. That also means we can keep putting the time and effort into creating indepth guides like How the US Highway System Works and How to Make a Living on the Road.

If only 300 of our 40,000 some monthly readers would back the project at $35, we’d make our goal and you could rest assured that Wand’rly would be putting out a new issue every month for the next few years.

Think of us as public radio, you do your little part, and everyone benefits from article after article of beautiful photos, witty reparte and insider secrets on the traveling life. So head on over to Kickstarter and drop some coin!