Las Ruinas Camping Hostel


Our stay in Terlingua has been spent living in the tents of the Las Ruinas Camping Hostel. They’re big, white army-style tents, some with bunks, others as empty as you’d like, scattered at the foot of a small hill in the desert landscape of this ghost town gone paradise. A hollowed out school bus with a few couches and a TV thrown in serve as the lounge, complete with an outdoor kitchen attached and covered with a tin roof to keep out the occasional hail storm. The Boathouse lounge lies across the Olympic-sized volleyball court and provides a cool place to enjoy a Shiner or two with some locals and a round of pool.

The owners of Las Ruinas quickly became our friends, Chad, Summer and their delightful four children (the sweetest teenage daughter you’ll ever meet, an equal adorable younger daughter, and two rough and tumble twins rocking it barefoot through their desert youth home), and we came to a barter arrangement: we could stay at the campground for free in exchange for me building them a new website.

With which, I am proud to announce the Las Ruinas Camping Hostel, the best and most-affordable campground in all of Big Bend.