Last Days in Austin


Today is day our 68th day in Austin, TX. When we first arrived, we thought we might stay for awhile, but I don’t think we ever imagined it would be for this long. Why did we stay so long when we’re purposely trying to travel around the country for a year? “Shouldn’t you be moving on soon?” was often heard from friends or family or people we gave interviews to. To be honest, I would have thought the answer to be yes, I never would have imagined we would have spent so much time in one place.

After all of this time here, though, I’m completely satisfied. Austin is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to, up there with Portland OR and Brighton UK, which are meccas in my mind. What makes the city so spectacular? Everyone might have their own opinions about what makes a place great, but in particular I loved three things about Austin.

I can’t recommend this city highly enough for anyone who’s into progressive, liberal thinking and enjoys living in a city while still being close to the outdoors. Austin sets a great example for other cities, particularly my own Pittsburgh, who are looking to take advantage of their natural surroundings while still trying to grow.