Late for Work in Austin, TX


It’s a rainy day in Austin, TX, a rare treat for anyone in the Texas-to-Southwest territory. In fact, since we first arrived in Austin sometime last October, and even through our travels into Western Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, we’ve only seen rain maybe 5 times. And that would be better defined as “drizzle” than rain.

Either way, it’s a rainy day in Austin TX as I cook up my usual breakfast of an egg, toast with vegemite, a cup of tea and an orange. I look out the window at a dark green truck. It’s a smaller truck, the type that you can’t necessarily haul much with, because the bed’s only 4 or 5 feet long, but it’s got the extended cab, so at least the family (or all of your drinking buddies) can fit inside. It’s got a beautiful and unusual deep green color and so I take particular notice.

I put an egg in a small pot, cover it in water, and start the boil. I get the toaster out and start browning a piece of bread. I put the tea kettle on and sit back down at my computer, readying myself for work for the day. Looking out the window, there the truck is, still sitting nearly in the same place, maybe having advanced five feet.

It’s 9:09am and rush hour is still thickly packed, which leads one to assume that they’re all late for work, for jobs they probably don’t like (if my history of job-having is any indication). Meanwhile, nearly everyone in the RV Park, seniors mostly, I’ll admit, but many of us in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, are slowly waking, if awake at all, hard boiling our eggs and enjoying our morning beverages.

Thank god for this life.