Likes, Tweets and Blog Posts, OMG Dr. Spok!


Yes, we know, that’s a glorious title. Feel free to reuse it. In fact, doing so could win you a free iPod Touch. That’s right, folks, we’re jumping on the “do a favor for us, get a chance to win some electronics!”

We stumbled upon an iPod Touch and we’re looking to give it away, but since our dog can’t seem to keep his Facebook updated and grandma thinks Facebook sounds dirty, we’ve decided to find a member of our very own website to do just that.

How do I enter?

Simple, all you’ve got to do is one of the following easy as pie on a windowsill things:

  1. Tweet about us. Jump onto Twitter, throw up a Tweet that says “Hey, @wandrlymagazine is my best friend. I want to name my child after them!” or something to that effect. In fact, all you have to do is include the @wandrlymagazine bit and you’re good to go!
  2. Better yet, head on over to that little website we all love to like,, and click the Like button there. Your 983 closest personal friends will think you’re a traveling aficionado and your mom will be glad to see an update that doesn’t involve you getting plastered with the pictures to prove it.
  3. Best of all so far, write a blog post about us on your WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, whatever blog, and then be sure to tell us about it. Not only is this the method we’ve deemed the coolest, but it’s quite likely you’ll get a friendly link back right here from this ol’ blog, too.

Why Would I want an iPod Touch?

Glad you asked, and by asked, I mean of course “read that subtitle”. iPod Touches are the next best thing to an iPhone, without the hassle of a monthly cell phone bill. Here are a few fun things we do with our son’s iPod Touch:

  1. Hook it up in your ride, so no more repetitive music from ClearChannel playing the same old top 40 hits from state to state. Make your own radio station and never stop rocking like it was 1999.
  2. Upgrade your alarm clock. Tired of that ugly 2004 clock that keeps waking you up every morning with an annoying beep/buzz/whale sounds? An iPod Touch, with the kadgillions of apps available, makes a perfect alarm clock, and you can wake up to your favorite tunes (even if those are new wave whale sounds).
  3. Use it as your cell phone. No, you can’t get a cell phone plan with an iPod Touch, but what you can do is talk to people all over the world with something like Skype. You can browse the web, check email, Tweet to your Facebook and Facebook your Twitter. All you need is a WiFi connection and goodbye long distance roaming data plan charges!

We’ll even make it easy for you:

[like url=””]

We’ll choose the winner at random after we’ve received 1,000 entries or by May 15th, whichever’s sooner.