Lose the Stick, Remove the Pickle

vintage suitcases stopped one atop the other


Admittedly, I was once one of those hiker type camping people who looked at RVers and thought, “you’re not camping. Camping involves a tent, or less.”

As my traveling days have significantly racked up their miles though, after countless nights in tents, nearly as many sleeping directly under the stars, and having called RVs, cars, hotels, motels, hostels and a Volkswagen Bus home for various amounts of time, I’ve come to a key realization.

There is no right way to travel. What makes you comfortable is the only thing you in particular should concern yourself with. I still firmly believe in one small suitcase and a laptop bag for all of my
journeying, but if a companion feels like an extra duffle bag or a hair dryer is a necessity, so be it. Hell, I might even be convinced to carry it for them if they’re several months pregnant with my child.

The same holds true for full-timing. I’ve met folks who are on the road, literally moving from place to place daily. I’ve also spoken with plenty of people who call living somewhere new every six months or so full-timing.

I try not to judge anyone else’s particular travel preferences. Unless of course they’re eating at an Applebee’s in Asheville or staying at the Hilton on a tropical island. Then I politely thumb my nose, return to my local cafe near my tiki hut, and continue on with minding my own particular bees’ wax. The point is though, whatever it takes you specifically to have a good time while seeing the world and opening your mind a little, well so be it. Enjoy yourself, travel at
your own pace, your own way. Just whatever you do, travel now! It’s only getting later in the day of your life…

Photo by Natasha Mileshina