Maine, Generally Speaking


After days of gorgeous green Vermont and New Hampshire, we’d grown spoiled with New England’s natural beauty. As we rolled into Maine though, it became quickly evident that we’d be trading rolling mountain goodness and two lane easy scenic driving for strip malls and stop light symphonies. The first rain of our trip rolled in and did so thick and for three days. We rented a motor lodge for a few days to find some shelter from what can be a very cabin fevery existence (torrential downpours + Buslife = blah2).

Highlights were seeing the Windjammers sail into Boothbay Harbor, a quaint little tourist town where a middle of the week parade and fireworks amused the locals and visitors; Ogunquit, a somewhat boring coastal town with a great coffee shop and a 20% gay population; and that’s about it. To be fair, we’re told northern Maine is where it’s at, with Acadia National Park and generally more abundant nature. As for me and my house, we’re glad to be in Massachusetts and heading nowhere near Maine again no time soon.