Make Your Own Reality


Everything in life revolves around perception.

For example, did you know Alaska’s Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in the world?

“No, Everest is, and several others are higher!” you might proclaim.

But Everest begins on a plateau. It only rises some 15,000 feet. The rest is just “above sea level elevation”.

McKinley however rises around 18,000 feet from its base.


There are mountains in Hawai’i bigger than Everest, but they begin underwater, and we’re largely a sea level-based world when it comes to measuring height, even though the ocean is deeper and more vast than any mountain.

Further, think of Kansas. How flat and boring, right? But parts of KS are higher than the tallest of the Smoky Mountains. They just didn’t bother with the valleys that accentuate the highs by providing lows.

Without lows, it’s nearly impossible to appreciate highs. If we were all euphoric everyday, no one would take drugs, but euphoria would just be sobriety.

Always good to keep perception in mind when making decisions about what’s right or wrong, good or bad. Because there actually is no such thing as good, evil, right or wrong.

Just a bunch of understandings we’ve all come to accept. And therefor, if you don’t want to accept them, you can alter them.

It’s perfectly acceptable for one to climb McKinley and say they climbed the highest mountain, even when the rest of the world might disagree. That person is factually inaccurate, but only because the majority rules.

When you don’t care about consensus, but only your outlook, a world of options opens up.