What Can You Do with a Wand’rly Membership?


We are so glad you asked! Now that you’re a member (or will be soon!), you can login by clicking the…you guessed it…login link near the top of any page.

The first thing you’ll see is your general info, feel free to ahead and fill in any additional info you’d like, in the months to come you’ll be able to participate more heavily in the site with a full profile.

screenshot of member profile screen showing information for legendary roadtripper Sissy Hankshaw

screenshot of discounts areaDiscounts

We’re still working on our discounts section, as we create new issues we’ll have more available.

Free MP3s

We’ve got four collections of MP3s already put together, you can download each album one at a time, and we’ve got handy links to iTunes and emusic if you’d like to get yourself some more of any one particular band or artist.


Here’s your big chance to get in on what’s up and coming with Wand’rly. Tell us where you want us to write about, what you want us to write about. Choose from some of our ideas or let us know your own. We’re 100% here for our readers, so get in on the action!

What Else Do I Get with Membership?

Coming soon you’ll begin to receive early access to issues, and after our initial Kickstarter backers who hooked us up and the appropriate level get served, we’ll get you in on our upcoming social network. You can even get your own travel blog right now.