for iPhone


For all ya’ll iPhoners out there, you may or may not be ecstatic like a potato with a lightbulb stuck in its brain over the reality that this here website now has an iPhone version. Lighter CSS, lighter code, so you won’t have to download the monster imagery that possesses the full on variety of your favorite website with a .me extension.

I have done limited testing on it, primarily the main pages, so if you are part of the uber elite and hyper awesome crowd currently carrying the internet everywhere you go, do feel free to let me know if I’ve flubbed anything up. Oh, and you can’t watch videos on the site, because Apple is a jerk about Flash, YouTube is a jerk about using music for soundtracks, and I’m a jerk for not figuring out some awesome new solution to the problem. It’s like a jerk soda shoppe out there.