Musings on Mexico, Part 1


Cigarettes cost about $3. They don’t sell American Spirits.

There is little to no craft beer. Tacos are cheap, about a buck each. Some places give you free clams, in addition to chips and salsa.

We rented an apartment for $35 / night at a hotel. It was big. Not fancy, but big.

Most of the campgrounds have palapas, which are basically tiki huts meet pavilions. Full hookups are $10-$20 a night (US). Some places are free, because there’s no one there to collect any money.

Stores are different. There aren’t really supermarkets, not like we know back home. Small mercados with limited groceries and pharmacies that sometimes sell things like bug spray or flip flops.

Google Maps doesn’t know much about anywhere.

Most people do not speak English. You can survive without knowing Spanish, but it’s good to at least know the very basics.

Stores don’t always have change. Don’t pull out a 500 peso bill and expect change if what you’re buying only costs 100 pesos. Few places take credit.

All of the gas stations are owned by the government. There are less “gas gaps” than we were told.

No one wants to kidnap you. And people aren’t necessarily overly nice. They do seem to appreciate families. But they are people, some better than others, just like anywhere.

You will not die just by coming here.

There is more trash. Less hot water. Don’t flush toilet paper, throw it in the garbage can. Things are not as “civilized”. There are less laws. You can smoke most places, but few people do. Less silly laws.

It is beautiful.