Wand’rly Seeking Tips on National Parks in Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta

craggy rocks extrude from a hilled forest side, the Black Hills


Whirlwind tours of national parks in the summer is about the exact opposite of what I find beautiful about traveling. A sincere dislike for being trapped in a tiny tin house during heavy winter snowfalls though outranks the previous complaint. Thus, with summer in the North so very short lived, and a host of places I have simply been longing too many years away to see, we’re doing just that.

Approaching national parks tends to be a real heart racer for me. The surrounding landscape is typically good looking to begin with. But once you actually cross through the gates, well, that shit just explodes.

Whether its Grand Canyon or Smoky Mountains, I have yet to be anything short of having had my expectations blown.

Thus it is with this attitude that we currently are meandering through Badlands and Black Hills with tentative sights set on Tetons, Glacier and eventually Banff in Canada. Got any tips on cool small towns, coffee shops, hikes or bars in those areas? Please tell us on Facebook!