Not a Pot to Piss In


Where does this saying come from? What does it mean? Seriously, what?

I’ve met only four people whom I can be certain have had to pee in something other than a pool, a toilet, or the great outdoors. The first was my grandfather, a retired miner, WWII vet and retirement farmer. He’d piss in a Mountain Dew can while driving around, apparently too busy singlehandedly running his farm to pull off into a field and relieve himself, and then upon returning to the house would try and get us kids to drink it. I still wonder to this day if he would have, were we foolish enough to go through with it, actually let us do so. The second two people are myself and my son, and the final is mine and Tristan’s dear friend who’s traveling in a similar manner to our own. Living in a bus, sleeping in parking lots, sometimes you have to pee and there just isn’t a suitable outside, outhouse or outlet mall to do so in.

My point here is, that if you’re poor, you don’t really need a pot to go to the restroom. Just don’t live in parking lots, find yourself a tree. If you’re rich, do you really want to be peeing in the same place you make your morning tea?