Our First Kickstarter Backer!

the front end of a blue 1979 Volkswagen bus, happy little headlights and spare tire and all


So tonight, only a few hours after we launched our Kickstarter Campaign, we received our first backer!

I first met Olivier years ago on the road, I was in Bisbee, Arizona (coincidence? We just did our issue on Bisbee yesterday, too!) and he was traveling through in his blue 1979 Volkswagen Bus. It was he, actually, who while showing me the inside of his little home on the go and everything he’d done to customize it, had me fall in love with the idea of living in a Bus (which we did for years). Olivier has a great backstory…if my memory serves me correctly on all of this…he’s from the Netherlands, a former IT guy who saved up his cash, quit his job, and caught a plane to the US. He toured around a bit, and along with some friends fixed up this old VW to pristine condition, and then toured around some more. He fell in love, lost, and kept on going. He’s the epitome of travel: digging in, getting your boots dirty, and keeping it going.

While I believe Olivier has settled down in Seattle, I also believe his Bus is still full on up and running, so who knows how long he’ll sit still for. You can read about his old Bus adventures over at Breezy the Bus, or follow his more recent stuff at @olivierbowman.

a blue 1979 volkwagen bus, a tall guy peering into the side barn door of it, happy as all hell
Olivier in his Bus, Bisbee Arizona

Thanks again Olivier!

PS. Want to get in on cool rewards like access to our behind the scenes blog next year, a replacement for Google Reader for travelers, our up and coming social network just for roamers, Wand’rly t-shirts and more? Head over to Kickstarter and back us.