Riding American Rails, Part 2: Into the Texan Dark


Our time in Austin was often spent with friends quick to remind us that the liberally progressive city was an oasis in the great conservative state of Texas. Now that we share our dinner tables and the sightseeing lounge with those from all over this state I can much more clearly see the Republican colors shining through, and primarily those conversations revolve around mistrust in Obama.

As an Obamaniac myself, it’s a little disheartening to hear the President-elect bashed at every turn, but at least I’m getting plenty of exposure to that unmistakably Texan accent I found Austin was sorely lacking for.

The train is slow and tonight, only 6:30pm, is long, but I cherish these times spent with the boy and in conversation with my fellow traveling strangers. If Thanksgiving is nothing else, it’s a mass migration, people flocking to find family wherever they may originate, and that always makes for a good conversational stomping ground.