Riding in Buses with Family

children riding in a Volkswagen Bus


Tristan, on the road, was at his best in the Bus. Keep it moving and he was as happy as a clam tented up in the back with his Gameboy 4000 and the endless miles. Deputy, too, was at his best (and nearly only good) in the traveling confines of her belly. I (and my much more tan than elsewhere left arm) am perhaps the specifically most ginormous fan of perpetuating four VW hubcapped wheels on the road. But after some amount of time in any one given day in her no AC/no heat bossom, everyone of her living contents are ready for a solid campground. Some of us may want attention, other just a decently cold beer and a smoke. Some might want nothing more than a kiss around the fire, others simply a playground. Either way, at one time or another and more often, I believe anyone who’s ever been fortunate enough to dwell, eat and sleep in this old girl has been about as happy a character as they’ve ever been known to have been.

Here’s to many more summers of Tristans, Winters and any other future folk who might find themselves bunked head over toe with the Lady and I.