Roadtrippers Guide to Roadtripping on a Roadtrip


I have been living and traveling in an RV for 450 days now. Prior to that, I’ve gone on 4 crosscountry roadtrips, a 600 mile bicycle tour, crossed the Atlantic twice, hiked a few hundred miles, rode on the Texas Eagle, Coast Starlight and Southwest Chief trains, and experienced enough travel-related expenses to fly for free for the next ten years, if only I could understand how airline mile websites worked. Therefore, I feel almost qualified enough to write the following: Roadtrippers Guide to Roadtripping.

My goal in this typographical display of verbs, nouns, advice and ideas is simple: to convey a few brief points as to the knowledge I have gained from travel. How to make it easier, perhaps cheaper, and — from my perspective at least — infinitely more enjoyable.