Wand’rly Partners with Roadtrippers.com

roadtrippers logo against a two lane road disappearing into the sun


So if you’re the traveling type, and you dig actually finding cool stuff along the way, not just searching for it until you get bored and end up eating at Subway or sleeping at the Motel 6, and especially if you dig the more obscure, the off-the-beaten-path type of juice that can usually only be found by word of mouth, then you should already know about Roadtrippers.com.

Briefly, the website is an amped up Google Maps for, you guessed it, roadtripping. You plot the major points you want to stop along the way, say, your house in Minneapolis, Mt. Rushmore, Boulder, Colorado and on to San Diego. Then you tell Roadtrippers what you’re into—diners, pubs, shopping, farmers markets, golf, scenic points, whatever—and how far off of the beaten path you’re willing to travel to get to those locations, and voila, you’ve got options.

a screenshot of the roadtrippers.com app, showing a route from San Antonio to the Grand Canyon with lots of things to see along the way
One of the Wand'rly Guides on Roadtrippers.com, showing the general route and plenty to do and see along the way.

The best news of all? The folks at Roadtrippers contacted us to see if we’d like to participate in their Guides – tailored recommended routes and bucketlists (collections of things worth seeing and doing, you know, before you kick the bucket). We jumped right on board.

Wand’rly plans to create new routes on a regular basis, and begin to integrate them with each new issue as is relevant. You can check out our current Roadtrippers Guides at Roadtrippers.com/Wandrly. Here’s a little breakdown of what you’ll find over there.

These Western Desert Towns

two yellow lines run down an asphalt road, the desert forest and blue sky in the background From the Grand Canyon to San Antonio, we explore the old, nearly ghost, towns of Arizona mining country, state and national parks along the way, places like Tombstone, Arizona and the grave of Billy the Kid, on into West Texas with its larger than life sunsets (and everything else).

US Route 20, America’s Longest Road

cars partially buried in the ground mimicking almost exactly Stonehenge in England From Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon, one of the few remaining transcontinental, original, two-lane US Highways, this epic route takes one across America and through time, from the Old North Church (think, “the British are coming!”) to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Coopersdale, NY, on along the Great Lakes and into the plains of Nebraska (be sure to detour for Carhenge!) and then on through Wyoming’s Yellowstone, Idaho, and right up against the Pacific Ocean.

Small City Big Town East

golden sunset over the bay, a dock silhouetted in the foreground From Portland, Maine’s “Old Port” neighborhood to Burlington’s Church Street, Ithaca to Pittsburgh to Asheville, Charleston and Savannah on the coast and even Mobile, Alabama in the Deep South, discover the hippest cities back east with this Bucketlist.

And those only begin to scratch the surface. We cover our favorite National Parks, scenic drives and cities. Grab the new iPhone app and take your route with you. Or just kick back and read our interview with Roadtrippers.com founders Tatyana and James, but either way, check it out, get psyched, roadtrip!