Rolled Her Over


20,000 miles after she first came into our lives, we rolled the Bus’ odometer over yesterday.


That puts her at…well I don’t actually know the total miles. The guy who sold it to me, and I quote “judging by the condition of this carpeting, I think that’s 80,000 original miles.” Hmm, perhaps he should get his eyes checked as the carpeting was rough when I got it and I’d put her closer to 300,000, if not 400k. Either way, she’s running strong these days and we’re loving her.

A quick recap on what we’ve managed to do for her over the past 20,000 miles.

A new engine at 90,000
Five stunningly sidewalled new tires (including her spare)
Two new beds, including complete foam cushioning and upholstery
Freshly painted “sky with clouds” interior ceiling
New stereo with iPod hookups and custom speaker job

Wow, that list feels pretty unimpressive.