San Antonio for the Holidays


The Winter sun, half as hot but just as bright, did everything it could to make its way through the curtains dressing our bedroom windows. It was the morning of Yule, the Winter Solstice, the longest night we’d have to face this year, and San Antonio wasn’t going out of it’s way to keep us any warmer than we might have been anywhere else. The night before was a real scorcher and we’d spent Yule’s Eve walking the Riverwalk, a stretch of downtown that has been very much improved to provide a walkway along the San Antonio River and the plethora of boutiques and restaurants that line it. We were walking with no direction, other than perhaps to keep an eye out for a nice place to have dinner together, next to the water, when we stumbled upon the Alamo.

More on that perhaps another time, though if you do find yourself at the famous frontier fort be sure to look for the wishing well near the center and admire the tree that canopies above. Simply put it may be the most magestic tree I’ve ever seen, and I’ve done my fair share of tree-seein’.

We spent that night and the next two days fully in one another’s company, exchanging gifts, some purchased and some handmade. We conjured up some hot chocolate, heavy on the brandy, and unwrapped presents revealed cowgirl boots, SPORE (a game like SimCity and the Sims but oh so much better), hiking gear galore, and so much more. A friend made me a dreamcatcher out of old guitar strings that Tristan and I had snapped over the past few months. I made Tristan a little fairy tale book, all hand painted with water colors which I’d received last year on the Yuletime celebration.

Presents were kept few, small and simple but no one felt let down. We played with our new toys into the wee hours of the morning and today as we awoke we found ourselves greeted to a squelchingly hot day. A little tune up to our bikes and we hit the trails!

Happy Festivities to everyone out there and best of luck in the 2009!