Secrets Told to Vandwelling Wintertimers

a vw bus covered in snow


While the living in a bus is countless in it’s rewards–a 25mpg home, a footprint the size of a baby mouse, instant crazy old hippie magnet, living on any street in America rent free–the great big downside is the frigidity of night time in the November to March long winter. A few quick tips for easing that egg over:

  1. Blankets. Three blankets, good afghans or quilts, equal a good sleeping bag; six equal a fireplace. Afghans act like dozens of little heat pockets, quilts keep it all trapped around you.
  2. Parking Garages. Like caves, they largely protect you from driving winds, rain and snow, and if you can get underground you’ll likely be looking at a 56 degree norm, much warmer than the cold of dark winter night outside. Movie theaters, casinos and shopping malls often have free parking garages and if you just sleep there–ie, don’t pop the top and put out the lawn furniture), security likely won’t bother you.
  3. Walmart. The most evil of big boxes is kind enough to allow overnighters in their lot, and the 24 hour open doors will give you a place to warm up if it gets really bad. I recommend spending a few hours pretend shopping; fill up a cart or two with stuff for fun and then, as dawn breaks, decide against the purchase. A stockboy will have to put it all back, and Walmart will have to pay him to do so. Support the local economy!

Any other ideas are very welcome in the comments!