Shower Free in Denton, TX


We arrived in the Dallas city-suburb of Denton a few days ago, after a revitalizing stop at Camping World where we learned that to replace our awning (which suffered badly of wind damage in the New Mexican flats) would be of a cost too great, and therefore simply cutting the thing loose from it’s ramshackle tatter of an existence was the only sure fate in store for our RV’s once ample shade provider. On the road from Austin to Denton we made a layover at a small RV park just off of I-35 North, for which the sign out front read:

Come and try us! You just might like it…

Ah, they did not lie, we may have liked it, but of course, we didn’t. It was a layover, only, and the price was right, however the park did not have a shower as far as we could tell. No big deal, going without a shower for a day or two while on the road is part of the grand fun of being American-class nomads.

So when we pulled into Post Oak RV Park in Denton, TX and Tristan joked “maybe they don’t have a shower here either,” I was confident in my retort. “There is no way they won’t have a shower here. There’s a pool!”

Now, I have been wrong once or twice per decade in my life. And this was one of them. The pool was empty, its gorgeous marigold flooring covered in a beautifully striking teal algae illuminating us to the fact that it probably hadn’t been up and swam in since Bush was popular. “Showers?” a man told Tristan upon inquiry, “Nah, we took those out a few years back. Just use the one in your RV.”

Of course, our RV’s shower is a storage closet for camping gear and eventual Goodwill deposits. So here we sit, after a week of walking around Denton, bicycle rides and intense board gaming sessions (Carcassone!), stinking of our own loveliness. I have to say, a few days into a family full of stink and you really don’t even notice it.