Some Weeks Just Work Well


Lately our trend has basically been to stay somewhere new every week. Honestly, it’s a bit fast for me, but everyone expects to slow down come Winter and who doesn’t want to chase Autumn as you head south from British Columbia, meander through Washington, zig zag Oregon and find yourself in Northern California all before any real chance of snow catches up with you?

Apparently we do anyway. Sometimes though, it means you mistakenly choose a campground because its $150 / week instead of the $250 one closer to downtown Missoula. Or you think, this is a fun town, there’s so much to do! But then find out everything there actually is to do is 150 miles away, not 15. Like Cody, Wyoming.

But sometimes, rare as it may be, you find that sweet spot where $150 / week RV park rent meets daily views and quick access to a 14,000 foot glacier capped volcano. Packwood, Washington, 7 miles outside of Mt. Rainier National Park, is just that.

Sure there’s no cell service, which is weak considering we’re hoping to meet up with lots of friends next weekend, but a great coffee shop and public library keep us over our heads in WiFi. So I can work, but don’t need to take work calls. Everyone wins, especially me!

Here’s to picking a spot on the map and, rain or shine, making a good time of it. And here’s another one to picking that spot where you barely even have to try!!